Our rules and internal policies

19 March 2021 2021-11-17 15:36

Our rules and internal policies

Dear guests, To ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible, that safety and hygiene are guaranteed to the maximum for everyone, and that the facilities, which we have wanted to be the best for you, are preserved for as long as possible, we ask you to read these rules carefully and to undertake to comply with them.

While waiting to receive you in our guest house “L’envie”, some rules specific to our guest house.

Our guest house is not a hotel nor a public place. It is a private place where we live. The public is not allowed free access. You can’t bring your family or friends even if you rent a room from us. There may also be other travellers in the same house. Therefore, we invite you to enjoy all the living spaces at your disposal in a friendly and respectful manner.


We accept last-minute changes and cancellations of stays in the event of new confinement or restriction of movement by the French government or the government of the guest’s principal place of residence. Guests declare that they do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 and must present their health pass.


Our wish is to welcome you in the best conditions. We, therefore, invite you to schedule your arrival from 5 pm until 7.30 pm. If this is agreed upon in advance, it is possible to leave your luggage in our guesthouse for late or early arrivals.


On the last day, departures must be made before 11 am at the latest. We are not professional hoteliers, but we must have enough time to provide the most welcoming accommodation possible for those who arrive later. If the time is exceeded, an additional night will be charged.


There are several possibilities.
Payment by credit card of a deposit corresponding to 30% of your stay. The balance must be paid by credit card 15 days before your arrival. If you wish to pay the 30% deposit by bank transfer, don’t hesitate to contact us. The balance must be paid by bank transfer 15 days before your arrival. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any other means of payment (cash or holiday vouchers). Your reservation will only be valid upon receipt of the deposit. Less than 15 days before the arrival date, payment by credit card for the totality of the stay. Reservations from all sources are payable in euros only. The hotel accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and has a secure reservation system (SSL) that protects and encrypts all sensitive data transmitted to the reservation to prevent disclosure to a third party.
Any change to a booking must be requested by email or telephone. The request will only become effective once we have confirmed acceptance in writing. In the event of a no-show on the date of arrival, your credit card will be debited for the amount of the stay. Any stay started is due in full.
Any cancellation of a reservation must be requested by email or telephone. The request will only become effective once we have confirmed its acceptance in writing. For any request made more than 30 days before the arrival date, no fee will be charged. For any request made within 30 days of the arrival date, the cancellation fee will be 30% of your stay. For any request made less than 15 days before the arrival date, the amount of the cancellation fee will be charged in full. In case of a no-show on the arrival date, the total amount of the stay will be charged.


Between 8.30 and 10 am, a sweet and savoury breakfast will be served in the breakfast room or on the terrace next to the swimming pool if the weather is good.


All our rooms have been carefully decorated and prepared to make each guest feel at home. We invite you to take care of this living space in which you will stay. Other visitors will follow you. Please report any problems or damage within one hour of your arrival. Our rooms are not intended for washing or drying clothes in the windows. We appreciate your respect for the bed linen and towels provided. The room is non-smoking. There are no plans to eat in the room. Guests have free access to WiFi. In each room, you will find a connected TV with 18 channels via the Molotov application. For everyone’s peace of mind, the sound must be kept to a minimum after 10 pm. Air conditioning is also available. These two pieces of equipment are controlled by remote control; we thank you for not taking them out of the room. The towels provided in your room are for toilet use only. You will also have at your disposal, in your room, the bath towels provided exclusively for the swimming pool. Please use them on the sunbeds and the outside seats before sitting down.


Within our guest house, a secure parking space is reserved for you free of charge. Valuables (jewellery, multimedia devices, various means of payment, etc.) must not be left in the parked vehicles, and we decline all responsibility in case of the disappearance of these objects.


Animals are not allowed in our guest house.


The swimming pool is heated to 28° from May to October. Within the framework of the French regulations on the use of family pools open to guests (objective: to avoid accidents involving children) and to allow harmonious use, these swimming pool rules have been drawn up: We do not carry out any supervision of the pool. We do not supervise the swimming pool. As it is a family pool, its use is reserved for our family members and guests only. No children, not accompanied by a parent of legal age, are allowed in the pool area. The use of the pool by children is under the full supervision and responsibility of their parents. Noisy games and the throwing of objects are not permitted in and around the pool. Diving and jumping from the edge of the pool and onto the platform are prohibited. Please note: The pool steps can be slippery at times, so please be careful when descending. The pool area is open from 8.30 am to 8 pm. If you repeatedly fail to comply with any of the above points, we may withdraw your permission to use the pool area.


Access to the Hammam is allowed from 6 pm to 8 pm. This is preset at 42°; please do not tamper with the programming. Before leaving the hammam, we ask you to rinse your space. Please do not leave the door ajar during use.


You undertake to return the rooms in perfect condition at the end of your stay and to declare and assume financially any possible damage for which you may be responsible. If you have children on the property, they are your sole responsibility. It would be best if you supervised your children: no games, no running in the corridor and common areas, for the well-being of all. The kitchen is not left at the free disposal of the guests. However, it is possible to have coffee, tea, herbal tea, and put drinks in the refrigerators at your disposal in the breakfast room. This room is at your disposal for a moment of relaxation from 2 to 6 pm. Theft and accidents: we decline all responsibility in case of theft or personal injury in our guest house.


We are sensitive to the protection of our planet and wish to contribute to the environment’s safety by minimising the footprint of our guest house. Simple measures can go a long way. We, therefore, count on your cooperation to : Avoid leaving lights on unnecessarily, Do not leave the water running and moderate the flow when showering, Turn off the air conditioning when windows are open, Avoid using all the towels provided if you don’t need them. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

If you are kind enough to give us a little more time, we will be delighted to receive your comments live. Thank you so much for your attention and participation. We are open to any suggestion or on the guestbook of our site or on Google, Tripadvisor or the site where you knew us. Wishing you a pleasant stay, we remind you that we will never be far away and that you should not hesitate to contact us if you need advice or have any questions about your stay or the region.

Enjoy your stay,
Laurence & Jean-Philippe